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The game for fans of real arcade racing and riding games. Download the "Robot Bicycle Traffic

Rider" the new, one and only robot bicycle rider game of 2017. Now traffic riding game is redefine.

Can you keep the perfect control of your amazing ride? You have a robot and you ready to control

a bicycle? Now it's the time where your all wishes are going to come true. Avoid accidents and

crashing with traffic, escape, avoid hurdles and overtake the traffic. There are the futuristic bicycle

and robot to control the bicycle.

Robot Bicycle Traffic Rider is the realistic and best experience game that you have a bicycle with

a rider Robot on it. An intelligent robot will control the bicycle. The game mode is endless, there

is traffic on the road tightly overtake the vehicles to make more points. The more tightly you

overtake, there is a chance to earn more points, upgrade your bicycle and buy new ones to go


Ride in mountainous and hilly areas is reached by special off-road heavy truck transport vehicles,

run through the most realistic stunning highway road. Enjoy the rich graphics environment like in

Traffic Rider or Bike Rider, traffic includes cars, buses, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. This

profoundly cogent bicycle rider game is packed with different calibers. It's time to superintend

other racing games and relish this excellent robot bicycle rider in one of the modern next

generation bicycle riding mania games.


- First person camera view

- Real traffic sounds recorded from real vehicles

- Detailed environments with day and night variations

- Unbelievable rich and detailed graphics

- Awesome thrilling & overpowering environment challenges

- realistic control and physics of bicycle


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