A downloadable game

Are you desired to play a game of war! where dangerous guns, knifes, swords, hand gurnades, sniper, alfa-proj, agm, 9mm and

other weapons are available for fighting. this is the game of your dream. you will fight with the army personal/cops/police, zombies and

different robots. in this game you should play first level and when you complete first level then different environments and levels are unlock.

you should choose different fighting environment, weapons, and levels of this gmae. you should complete level and then enter into another level

to complete it. experiance the thrill of dangerous guns in the vegas war and chose different environments according to your choice. in this game

mafia become very active and different gangster squads are present to shoot the cops and army mens. in second environment you should kill the

zombies and in the third and last level you will kill the robots of different types. this game has realistic environment, graphics and

breathtaking game play. a realistic environment with smooth controls excite the thrill of this game. beautiful graphics make your journy much

exciting and memorable. get ready to have fun,immersive and dangerous gun wars.


realistic environment

friendly for users

many engaging levels

beautiful graphics

easy to control

advanced weapons

cool sound and visual effects

Realistic weather control

Install and play the best thrilling adventure